Hi!  Jennifer Gastelum here.

You give a lot to your job in law enforcement.

I’m going to help you rebalance the scales and live your life without limitations.

I'll shoot straight with you.

It’s frustrating to not be where you want to be in life.

I know because in 2017 I was worried, frustrated, and felt stuck.

In short, I was miserable.

The fog lifted when I realized “it’s not just me!” The unique challenges I face as a law enforcement officer were creating negative side effects in my personal life.

Armed with that knowledge, I went to work finding solutions to move me toward the life I really wanted.

Meet the Coach

“Simple things matter.”

When asked about “the perfect day,” Jennifer favors a long-distance bike ride, and dinner with family - her husband, a veteran police officer, their teenage son, and their 3 dogs.

She is adamant: “We’re dedicated to raising a good kid.” The rule of thumb in their house is WE SIT DOWN TOGETHER FOR DINNER. “We don’t have to all eat the same thing, but we eat together.”

She has a wicked sense of humor, yet geeks out on studying about human behavior.

Jennifer has spent her entire career working in law enforcement where she has served as a probation officer, a weapon-qualified officer, and a defensive tactics instructor.

She has affected thousands of arrests, had all types of weapons pulled on her, been involved in numerous physical fights, been spit on, sustained 3 concussions, and has held someone while they took their last breaths...just to name a few of the stressors she has dealt with.

While she does not have the same duties as a police officer, she deals with the same criminal element and shares many of the same everyday pressures.

Jennifer completed her life coaching certification in 2014 with International Coach Academy and health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2020. In 2023 she became a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach.

She enjoys writing and is a contributing author for PoliceOne.com. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Arizona and a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University.

Her passion is helping clients develop a personalized plan to increase performance and optimize their lives.