You're far too streetwise to get caught in the downward spiral of your job.

(the power to change is in your hands...)

You took an oath to serve and protect.
You do your job well, but it’s starting to take a toll on your personal life.

The focused effort at work makes you feel disconnected and isolated outside of work.

Your family and friends tell you you’re cynical and pessimistic.

You want to be a great Officer
- alert and focused while on the job -
AND be a happy, confident, and reliable
spouse, parent, and friend.

It’s time to go beyond getting through the day and become the high performer you want to be, both on and off duty.

My name is Jennifer

I’ll help you create a life you love both on and off the clock.

Imagine feeling optimistic &
in control of your life aga

What if you woke up each day feeling truly alive and excited about what the day would bring?

How would it feel to again have an energetic, active lifestyle and be fit?

To feel good about the financial decisions you’re making?
Enjoy stronger relationships with your loved ones?

What would be possible then?

I know you probably crack jokes when someone mentions
“talking to someone.”

>>>This isn't therapy.<<<

simply moving from where you are now to where you want to go.

No touchy-feely BS.
No woo-woo tactics.

And if you’re reading this…
You already know that what you’ve been doing...isn't working.

Together, we’ll hash out a solid plan to make you feel better and
gain back control of your life.

Let's Get Started

     Getting Started is Easy

1 - Schedule a free introductory Call (Coffee and Donuts optional)
     Let’s get some clarity on what you’re interested in creating for  
     yourself and see if we’re a match.

2 - Begin your customized plan. Together, we will tailor your             
     12-week program to fit your life and goals, coaching together     

3 - Go do YOU. Unleash your best self as you feel your work-life
     balance and a natural sense of optimism return.

            *Exclusively for Law Enforcement Officers.

              And, it’s 100% confidential. Seriously.

I'm In...Let's Talk!

Why You Should Trust Me?

Because I’ve been there.

Feeling the high highs at work led to low lows at home...

And it took me years to develop ways to restore my well-being and bring balance into my life.

I understand how frustrating and hopeless it can be when you feel like you’re living day-to-day, lacking excitement, and feeling horrible emotionally and physically.

I never want to experience that downward spiral again.
And I don’t want you to, either.

It’s time to get out of burnout mode and put your motivation back into high gear.
I have developed the steps to re-balance your life so you don’t have to struggle to find answers as I did.

Ready to get started?

Yep!  Let's Do It!

It’s Biology.
Our brains light up like a Christmas tree when exposed to a negative stimulus.
And as an officer, you get your fair share.

While being hyper-vigilant regarding WHAT’S WRONG helps keep you safe on the job…’s not so great for your relationships and personal life.

Take Our 7-Day Negativity
Detox Challenge

Learn to shift your mind from negative to positive - on demand - so you’re a rockstar both on and off the clock.

*Exclusively for Law Enforcement

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